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PJHS Library Media Center


In-School Hours of Operation:  8:10 - 3:00 each school day.  

ONLINE Access:  24/7



            Follett Destiny Discover is the               PJHS Library Media Center Catalog

Username = Library Code ( S Code)

Password = Library Code ( S Code)

      Abdo Digital is a Online Digital Library               containing Non-Fiction eBooks

     To log onto this website, use the PJHS Student computer username and password





Would you like to get a book from the PJHS Library Media Center but don't have time to stop by, no problem!  Using Destiny Discover, identify/find a book you would like to check-out, write down it's title, author, and call number; then visit the link below to submit your request.  We'll check the book out to you and deliver it to you in no time.


Library Book Request Form





The Media Center operates on a flexible schedule.  Teachers may schedule times to bring their classes for book check-out, computer use, or for research and instruction.

Students may come to the Library Media Center individually with a pass from their teacher.


Check-out Limits and Fines


Students may check-out two books at a time and keep them for a period of two weeks.  There are no overdue fines for books returned past the due date.  Student will receive overdue notices for books not returned on time.  If a student loses a book then he/she is responsible for replacing the book or paying for the book along with a $2.00 re-shelving fee.  If a student along with his/her parent(s) choose to replace the book they may purchase a NEW hard copy of the book online or through a local bookstore.  If a student along with his/her parent(s) do not wish to purchase the new book, then the student should see Mrs. Weldon to determine the library cost of replacing the book.  The student will then bring to Mrs. Weldon the replacement cost plus the $2.00 re-shelving fee.  A lost or overdue book must be taken care of before another book can be checked-out.


All Students

Any student with an overdue book must return it before checking out another. 


Library Media Center Computers  

Computers located in the Library Media Center for students use.  Any student who needs to use a computer must sign -in at the circulation desk and at the sign-in sheet located beside the computer he/she is using. 

Students needing to use the Internet must have a signed "Internet Acceptable Use Policy" on file with their teacher.