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Principal's Corner

Gearing up for 2017-2018

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WOW!!!  We are gearing up for an incredible year at PJHS!  The year of the "Underfunded Overachievers" is here!  2017-18 promises to be a phenomenal year, and I hope everyone is ready to get started.  We have been working throughout the summer to complete several projects.  Be prepared for a couple changes in August.  Our new digital sign will be installed.  There will be new signage throughout the school for each classroom.  A few room changes have been made to accommodate a couple extra elective classes.  The 7th grade English/History hall has new white boards.  The Science lab is beginning to take shape.  We have painted a little and cleaned a lot!  Many people have worked hard to make amazing things happen.

All these projects are geared to help our students have the best opportunity for an excellent education.  To be honest, we receive funding at a basic level.  We are able to achieve and excel because YOU guys invest your time, effort, and support in our students.  We will continue to find ways to fund the projects we desperately need and those that benefit the students.  It is absolutely our mission to be OVER-achievers in everything we do.  From pep rallies to test scores, we want to be the BEST!  We will work harder....we will give more....we will outshine the competition.  Being "above" average is not a achievement, but a stepping stone to greater accomplishments.  Our Cats are the best!  I believe in our staff and I believe in our students!!!

I encourage you to be involved in PJHS in the following ways:

  • Sign up for Notify Me on our website
  • Visit the website (www.pjhscats.com) frequently
  • Keep up with your student on INow (cost is $10/family per school)
  • Follow @catspjhs on Instagram
  • Participate in our Fundraisers.  All funds go right back into our student needs.  We will continue to "build" our Science Lab and a Digital Design program.
  • Encourage your student to be involved in some activity at PJHS.

Remember - we are all on the same team.  Sometimes the rules and guidelines seem a little overwhelming; however, our purpose is to provide the BEST education possible for your student and to prepare them for the next steps in their educational career and for life after high school.  

We appreciate you and look forward to an incredible year as we demonstrate we are Underfunded Overachievers in every aspect.  

GO CATS!!!!! 

Mrs. Stockman