Prattville Junior High School 7th Grade Football

Team Picture

Tryouts held:

  • Spring Training (see below)


  • 7th Graders

Equipment Needed: 

  • Football Cleats

Estimate of Fees: 

  • $200, there are fundraising opportunities to recoup fees

Practice Location:

  • PJHS Field behind the school
Please understand this information is tentative and subject to change. The EXACT information will be available closer to try-outs.  Once teams are selected, practice schedules, fees, and paperwork will be distributed at mandatory parent meetings.  Announcements will be placed on our website approximately one month before events. In order to try out for a sport, an updated (current year) physical form (available on or website) signed by an MD or DO MUST be submitted to the head coach.

NFHS Sportsmanship Course

  1. Click HERE to register.

  2. Go to your home screen and click COURSES

  3. In the search box type "Sportsmanship" (do not take the captain course)

  4. Follow instructions and begin course.

  5. When you are finished you will have to answer questions about the videos you watched. When you have answered the questions correctly, print your certificate.

  6. Turn in your certificate to your head coach.

Remember your login information!

Everyone must have an up-to-date physical. Physical forms are available on our school website under "forms". These physicals must be signed by a student's physician NOT a parent. A physical only last one year.
Mark Riddle

Mark Riddle
Assistant Football Coach

Phone: 334-365-669