Prattville Junior High School Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to PJHS! Whether you are an upcoming 7th grader, a new face in town, a military family. or joining us by some other means, we are excited to have you here. Whether you are new to the Prattville area or just new to PJHS, the following presentation has lots of great information on PJHS tips and tricks, local food, fun, and more! We welcome you to the preferred community and can't wait to show you around our town and our school. Go Cats!
In no particular order, below are a few "frequently asked questions" from parents and students at PJHS.  If you have additional questions you would like to see posted here, please email Mrs. Stockman at


  1. How can I check grades? The PowerSchool Parent Portal allows you to view your student's grades. Login information for Schoology was sent home with each student. 

  2. Where can I find the PowerSchool link? Under "Parents" on this website, PowerSchool is listed. Click there and then use your login credentials to sign in. 


  1. How long can my child not participate in PE with a parent note?
    A parent note for PE is good for one day of nonparticipation. After that or for an extended period of time, a doctors' excuse is required.

  2. Are physicals required for all sports? Where are those forms?
    Most sports require a completed physical form signed by a M. D. or D. O. Students participating in Archery are not required to have a physical because it is not an Alabama High School Athletic Association Sport. Students participating in any other sport are required to have a physical. Physical Forms can be found on the Athletics Resources page under Athlete Resources.


  1. What is NOTIFY ME?
    Notify Me allows the administration of PJHS and central office personnel the ability to share school news, announcements and emergency alerts with parents/guardians. If you would like to register, visit the school website. Click on the Notify Me icon located at the bottom of the left column on the main page of the school website.

  2. Is REMIND notification a good way to get information?
    Several teachers and coaches use REMIND . REMIND is a website that provides a safe way for teachers to text message or email students and parents. Kids today are very busy and they communicate primarily by texting. The purpose of REMIND is to provide students with timely reminders of assignments or upcoming quizzes/tests, as well as send them encouraging messages that hopefully motivate and uplift them. These messages travel one-way only, from the teacher to students and/or parents; you cannot respond to texts and there will not be an on-going conversation of any kind. It is very safe and hopefully very effective. Parents are encourage to sign up for these messages along with their child so that they can stay up to date with what is happening in class! Teachers and Coaches who utilize REMIND will provide their students instructions on how to sign-up for their REMINDers.

  3. How can I contact my child's teachers?
    You may utilize email to communicate with teachers. Email addresses are located on our school website under the school staff section.  Click on the name of the staff member you wish to communicate with via email.  There will be an email link provided at the top of each staff member's page.

  4. How do I set up a conference?
    Parent-teacher conferences are important in improving the academic success of students. Conferences may be held with the principal or designee during the school day. Conferences with teachers must be scheduled during the teacher's planning period or before or after school. If you would like to schedule a conference with a teacher, please e-mail the teacher for the conference date and time. If you would like to schedule a conference with a counselor or administrator, please call the front office. Parents must follow the following protocol: Teacher→Assistant Principal→Principal→the Superintendents Designee and Board of Education.

  5. How do I know what my child has for homework?
    Our website at is an extremely valuable tool for all students and parents. On this website, teachers update lesson plans weekly.  This is a great resource for obtaining homework assignments, make-up work, and information regarding upcoming tests and projects. Locate your child's teacher under School Staff. This will take you to the individual teachers webpage where each of the items mentioned can be found.

    Many teachers utlize programs such as Google Classroom that are also valuable tools for keeping up with student progress.


  1. Where do I go to check my child in/out?  Procedure?
    All doors leading into the school stay locked throughout the school day.  When entering the building to check a student in or out you will need to enter through the front entrance.  On the far left you will find a buzzer.  Press this buzzer and when allowed to enter, pull (do not turn) the door knob.  You may then proceed to the Student Center which will be through the front doors and to your right.

  2. Check-in procedures:
    Students who report to school after 7:50a.m. must report to the Student Center and be signed in by a parent/guardian.

  3. Check-out procedures:
    Parents/guardians must be prepared to show picture identification at the time of check-out. Students may not check-out after 2:40pm. Students who check-out of school must be signed out through the Student Center by a parent/guardian or parent/guardian designee. Notes and telephone calls from the legal guardian will be accepted for check-out purposes. We will try to assist parents in matters dealing with each situation. If a check-in or check-out results in missing 51% or more of the school day, an excuse will be required as this will count as an absence for the day.

  4. What is the latest time I can check out my student?
    2:40 p.m. is the latest time students will be allowed to check out

  5. Do I need to bring an excuse if I check out my child?

  6. Do check-ins and check-outs count toward exemptions?
    Students must be present a minimum of 51% of a class to be counted as present for the class.   Exemptions are determined on a class by class basis.

  7. How do I request permission for an extended absence?
    Preapproval of absences is at the discretion of the administration and must be requested in writing 48 hours in advance.

  8. How do I request work for an extended absence?
    If your child misses school for 3 days or more, please contact the Student Center for assistance in obtaining missed assignments. The Student Center will contact each teacher. Please note that teacher lesson plans are available on the school website and may be used to help keep up with assignments as well. Please give a 24 hour notice for work to be collected.

  9. What is the make-up policy for excused absences?
    If a student has an excused absence, the student shall be allowed to make up schoolwork and/or examinations missed during said absence or absences. The student shall be responsible for contacting the teacher or teachers immediately upon return to school to arrange a reasonable length of time, not to exceed two (2) weeks, to make up work and/or examinations. Teachers shall not be required to re-teach lessons, but students shall be given reasonable opportunity to learn lessons missed due to excused absences.