School supplies provided for the 2022-2023 school year
School Supplies 2022-2023 School Year

Autauga County Schools will provide all essential school supplies in grades K-12 for the upcoming year! Each school will distribute the supplies at the beginning of the school year. Backpacks will not be provided.

Wed Jun 15 10:02 AM

Credit Recovery Options for High Schoolers

Do you have a student that has not passed a course needed for high school graduation? Check out the ACS Credit Recovery Plan 2022-2023 and see if this might be your answer.

Tue May 10 12:00 PM

Bullying Complaint Form
Autauga County Bullying Complaint Form

If you are having issues with bullying or know someone that is...Please report it.

Mon Nov 15 12:27 PM

Helping Schools Tags
Helping Schools Car Tags

Easy way to help the school generate funds to purchase needed classroom supplies and equipment.

Wed Jun 09 02:14 PM

Resources for students and parents

Need information or help...check out the links listed here

Tue Mar 23 01:11 PM

Student Health Information
Student Health Information

Some facts you might want to know....

Wed Jan 27 09:17 AM

Information from APT TV & Homework Hotline

How are these services working to help you out during this time of need?

Wed Apr 15 12:17 PM

Education Report Card
State Report Card

If you would like to know how your school is performing then check out the link to the State Department's Education Report Cards.

Tue Mar 17 04:04 PM