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Counselor's Corner


First Baptist Church


Bullying is the deliberate and often repeated attempt to intimidate, embarrass, or harm another person.

1. Remember that bullying is the problem...not you. Don't be ashamed or embarrassed.
2. Remember that bullying is not permanent.  It will pass.
3. Understand several facts about bullying.

      *Bullies are often lonely, insecure people.
      *Bullies often want to be accepted by "the crowd".
      *The high status that bullies have in school doesn't last.
4. Find safety in numbers: Try to walk with friends or sit with friends. Bullies often pick on students who are alone.
5. REPORT THE EXPERIENCE!  On our school website under "forms", you can print this off and give to an administrator, teacher, or school counselor. PJHS can't help put an end to the bullying unless we are aware of it. Although this form is available, you can certainly come directly to any school staff member to report bullying. Remember that when telling a school official, you are helping others in need. 
6. Get involved: School, sports, clubs and organizations can be safe havens from bullies. Join in some group activities!

1. Laugh Along: Peoples take pleasure in upsetting people. If you laugh along, if oten takes away their power.
2. Roll With The Punch: When a bully teases you, it sometimes helps to agree with what is said.  This is another tactic to take away the power of the bully.
3. Change the Subject: When the bullying begins to bother you, change the subject to distract like, "Watch out!  We're being listened to by the teacher."
4. Learn Verbal Self-Defense: 
     * Give the bully permission... "Go ahead Jackson...say what you want. It's not gonna bother me."
     * Act as if you don't care.
     * Act as if you have other things to worry about... "I'm sorry, Fred...I don't have time. I've got to get this work finished."
     * Address the bully's attack directly.  "we both have better things to do so cut it out."
     * Reject the bully's insult: "You can't talk to me like that. I've got nothing to say to you."
      *Be confident: Walk the hallways and classrooms with your shoulders up, your head raised and give direct eye contact to any bully.
5. Report the bullying!  (teacher, assistant principal, principal, coach, nurse.....anyone)

Bullying in Schools: What You Need to Know