If you need to adjust your child's riding arrangements, please call the school. We will write down that information and deliver it to your student. Please avoid texting or calling your student on personal devices as these devices are to be powered off and not visible during the school day.

Contact PJHS

Bus Riders

Students who ride the bus have already received information regarding behavior and procedures on the bus. 

When students arrive in the morning, when their bus lets them off at PJHS, they should enter the building and immediately head to breakfast or their grade level courtyard.

Students who ride the bus in the afternoons will be dismissed to the front of the school on the afternoon bell. Students who ride first load buses should load up immediately while those who ride second load buses should find a bench and watch for their bus.

A list of first and second load buses is provided below.

Car Riders

Students who arrive via car will enter the school through the car rider line on the side of the school. A teacher will be on duty to direct cars and make sure students enter safely. Students should immediately go to breakfast or their grade level courtyard. 

In the afternoons, students who ride car will be dismissed on the afternoon bell to go stand under the awning at the carpool line. Students should stay on the sidewalk and watch for their vehicle to arrive.

When the student's ride arrives, he or she should remain on the sidewalk and follow their vehicle down to its final stopping place. When students hear "green light, load up!" and see the streetlight under the awning change, they are welcome to exit the sidewalk and load up in their vehicle. Students may load from the speedbump at the front of the carpool line to the speed bump in the back.

When students hear "red light, stay on the sidewalk!" students should remain on the sidewalk while cars exit the carpool area.

Teachers will be on duty to direct drivers in this process and we ask that you adhere to any directives given to ensure the safety of students and the efficiency of this process.


All walkers must have a Walker Permission form on file before they are allowed to leave the school on foot. Students cannot walk across the street and be picked up via car. If you would like to pick your student up, please do so in the Carpool Line. 

Walkers must exit the school through the front doors and front doors only, regardless of their destination. 

Walkers will gather out front of the school at the outdoor classroom by the 8th grade break area and will be dismissed after the 1st load buses depart.