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The mission of Prattville Junior High School is to provide excellent educational opportunities which enable our students to acquire the knowledge, skills, and personal qualities necessary to be responsible and successful citizens.

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Mid-Term Exams

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Daily exam schedule: 12/13 8:00-9:30 1st Period Exam 9:30-9:34 Transition to 2nd 9:34-9:45 Break with 2nd Period Teacher 9:45-9:50 Transition from Break to Exam 9:50- 11:25 2nd Period Exam 11:25- 11:29 Transition to Homeroom 11:29-12:39 Lunch (with HR released by admin, grab & go) 12:39-12:43 Transition to 3rd Period Review 12:43-1:49  3rd Period Review 1:49-1:53 Transition to 4th Period Review 1:53-2:59 4th Period Review12/14 3rd Period Exam 4th Period Exam 5th Period Review 6th Period Review
Exam policies: There will be no pre-approved absences during exams and exams cannot be taken early. Students will take two exams each morning and spend the afternoons reviewing for the following day's exams.  There are no exemptions from mid-term exams. Students will have the opportunity to be exempt from final exams at the end of the year according to the ACBOE exemption policies.  If a student misses an exam, he/she must supply an excuse per ACBOE Absence Policy in order to make up the exam

Post-Exam Checkouts

Checkouts and Flow of Traffic IF students with different last names are riding together, please coordinate one location for them to meet and be picked up.Students LAst Name A-L: In front Of  PJHS (Bus line)Students   LAst Name M-Z: Side of PJHS (Carpool Line)
Checkouts will run from 11:30-12:30 for those who turned in forms. Checkouts will run from 11:30-12:30 for those who turned in forms.
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STAR Testing with embedded link to testing site.
myON Personalized reading for you! To Log-in: 1.  Follow the link by selecting this image.  2.  Click I am a student.  3.  Use your STAR login to sign in.  4.  Click the Purple Square labeled myOn.  5.  Click Library to begin exploring books. To personalize your options, click " edit your interests".  Weekly Prizes for Top readers!
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Information regarding state report card scores, see the Alabama State Report Card website.