Welcome to Prattville Junior High School

The mission of Prattville Junior High School is to provide excellent educational opportunities which enable our students to acquire the knowledge, skills, and personal qualities necessary to be responsible and successful citizens.

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beta cats  at convention
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PJHS Roadmap to Reopening


2020-2021 Cat Gear

Check out the 2020-2021 Prattville Junior High School shirts and face gear! 

Items may be purchased in the Student Center from 8 am-2 pm each day.

Masks are pre-order only (limited quantities).

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Several families have asked for information about a device for Virtual classes. 

Each specification provided below can be used as a reference point for families looking to purchase a computer for their child(ren).  These specifications are intended as a guide when reviewing models for purchase.  Please remember that phones and tablets are not equipped to handle this platform in an efficient manner.

For grades K-8:

  • Celeron N4000 Processor or Intel iSeries Processor (i3/i5)
  • Integrated Webcam

For grades 9th – 12th

  • G5 Celeron Processor or Intel i3/i5
  • 8 GB of RAM (or higher)
  • 64 GB HD
  • Integrated Webcam
  • _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
    2020-2021 School Supply Lists

    Welcome in various languages

    WELCOME to Cat Country!

    To those transferring to PJHS from schools other than Daniel Pratt or Prattville Intermediate, we welcome you!!!  I'm sure you have questions in anticipation to moving to a new area.  We invite you to view the Virtual Welcome below to get to know us a little better and to help navigate the website to learn specific information.  Due to Covid-19, we were unable to host our Preview Days as originally scheduled.  We hope to be able to reschedule them for July....stay tuned.  We cannot wait to meet you!

    Required paperwork is included below.  Please click on the appropriate grade level for your student.  There are some additional documents to be included.  As we are only taking information remotely at this time, you may email a completed packet (please do not send individual parts at different times to ensure all your documentation stays together due to the volume of requests during this time) to marianne.gamper@acboe.net. 

    If you have questions, you may call us between 8am-noon at 334-365-6697, option 0.

    PJHS Tour

    Placement Test Graphic

    Placement tests for Advanced Classes

    A NEW DATE HAS BEEN ADDED:  Thurs, Aug 13th.

    PJHS offers Placement Tests in each core class (English, Mathematics, Science, & History) to qualify for advanced classes.  Students from Daniel Pratt / Prattville Intermediate School do NOT need to take placement tests as this is for students moving into Autauga County Schools.  

    Students may take the placement test for any or all of the core classes.  These tests are ONLY for those students who wish to be considered for advanced classes.  Tests typically take approximately one hour per test.  However, students are NOT timed.  We encourage the students to bring a snack and to have a way to call home when they have completed the testing.

    Due to COVID-19 constraints, students will need to sign up below for a session as we have a limited number of students that can participate each session.  If you have questions, please contact the grade level counselor.  Please sign up for only ONE session below to ensure all students who wish to participate have a slot. Face coverings are encouraged.

    Seventh Grade:  Yolanda.thompkins@acboe.net
    Eighth Grade:  Melinda.kiser@acboe.net

    PJHS Preview Days


    TWO NEW DATES HAVE BEEN ADDED:  Wed, Aug 5th & Thurs, Aug 13th.

    Since we were unable to provide school tours in the spring, PJHS has limited opportunities for "Preview Days".  These sessions are designed for the following:
     *Those moving into the area, including our military friends
     *Those from local / private schools interested in attending PJHS
     *Those from DPES / PI who are unfamiliar with PJHS.

    We will have a short introduction session, a tour of the school, and a Q/A time with an administrator.  Students will be introduced to several staff members and will receive information about the academic program and extra curricular activities.  The session will last approximately 75 minutes.

    Please sign up for only one spot (student name) for the times listed below.  ONE person per student may attend.  Due to Covid-19 guidelines, we have limited space for each session and want to accommodate as many students / families as possible.  We encourage face coverings during this visit.  

    Leave your legacy graphic.  Info in textbox.

    Paint a PJHS Ceiling Tile 

    PJHS is offering the opportunity to paint ceiling tiles so students, community members, and businesses can make their mark and be a part of the Tradition of Excellence that is such an integral part of the Cat Legacy.  We encourage our stakeholders to paint a ceiling tile to be installed before school resumes.  These tiles will be placed in the front lobby down to the Student Center.  

    We encourage our stakeholders to share their creativity to honor the TRADITION OF EXCELLENCE of PJHS over the past 50+ years or to share a positive encouragement for our students.  Businesses may also advertise on tiles.  

    Artwork tiles are $50
    Business advertisement tiles are $100
    All tiles are 2 ft x 4 ft.
    PJHS accepts cash or checks.  Businesses may receive a receipt for tax purposes.

    Tiles must be of a positive nature - no negativity, profanity, controversy, politics, etc.  Advertisements must be consistent with the mission of PJHS.  While we respect individuality, PJHS does reserve the right not to display a tile (with a refund of money).

    Donations from these tiles will be used for student technology (i.e., Chromebooks), STEM supplies (i.e., 3-D printers and supplies), and positive messaging throughout the school (i.e., banners, bathroom stall covers, etc).

    Please complete the form below.  Once approved, tiles can be picked up Mon-Thur from 8:00 am-noon. 
    Please email Mrs. Stockman if you have additional questions.

    Ceiling Tile Form


    schedule board with markers

    PJHS will be open by appointment. 

    You may call us at 334-365-6697 OPTION "0"
    Phones will be answered from 8:00am - 12:00 noon Monday-Friday.  
    You must choose Option "0" as other extensions will not be answered at this time.

    Please know we are here to help as much as possible during this time, albeit remotely.  We will certainly be glad to see our Cats when things settle down - we miss them so much!  Until then, please stay home when possible, wear a mask, wash your hands, and practice social distancing.  Please be safe as this is our most important goal.  

    For questions about Enrollment / Withdrawal, please email marianne.gamper@acboe.net

    If you need to drop off something, please place it in the green Book Drop in front of the school.  Be sure to label it clearly with the student's name.

    moving box


    If you are certain you are moving over the summer, please complete the following information as we will handle the withdrawal process differently this year.  Students who are going to PHS do not need to complete this form.

    1.  Please complete the form here and scan or take a picture of your current ID and email it to Marianne.gamper@acboe.net.  
    2.  Call 334-365-6697 (option 0) or email Mrs. Gamper to schedule an appointment to pick up the withdrawal packet.

    colorful globe which reads Statistics in Schools with link to 2020 Census Flyer

    2020 Census

    You have the power to shape your future, and the future of all children, by counting everyone in your home in the 2020 Census.   Find out more...

    stack of books with apples on top contains the text The Grades are in Prattville Junior High school 2018/2019 Alabama State Schools Report Card 02 Making the best better.


    For more infomation regarding state report card scores, see the

    Alabama State Report Card website.

    box tops for education  icon with link to readable pdf file on changes to box tops for education


    Box Tops For Education is changing.

    You can  still CLIP IT and send in the traditional box tops to the school. Please send the traditional Box Tops in to your student's homeroom teacher or have your student drop them off in the Library Media Center. Our first submission date for Traditional Box Tops is November 1st and again on March 1st. You will find that many of the products who have had traditional Box Tops are phasing  them out. The New Box Tops will be collected through an App you can download from the Apple  Store or the Google Play Store. You will use this App to scan your receipt.

    Click the Box Tops icon to find out more

    outlined in blue with text which reads Parent Involvement the foundation for student success

    Parents: Get involved with the P.I.G.

    The Parent Involvement Group is a vital part of PJHS. If you are interested in joining P.I.G. or have questions, contact the group at pjhscats.parents@gmail.com