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Science 8th Grade


Leeds High School

Auburn University



University of South Alabama


This is the story of my life!

I have been teaching since 1992, so that is over 25 years.  My undergraduate degree is from Auburn University, main campus, in Public Relations Speech and Journalism.  I worked for five years in retail sales before I quit to go back to college.  I went back to AUM for my Master's degree in 1990 then I began teaching in Elementary Education.  In 2006, I took the Praxis exam and moved up to the Junior High and started a new journey in the 7th grade.  A few years ago I moved up to the 8th grade and I haved enjoyed them both. 

I have two children:  Laura, who works for Marc Fisher Shoes in New York City and Matthew, a December graduate of Auburn University!!!!, who works for the New York Film Academy (he lives in New York too).  I  am proud to say that both of my children are the product of Prattville public schools and have excelled because of that part of their education.

I enjoyed my summer this year by resting a lot and working on my house.  In addition, I was able to spend a week learning about Energy, sponsored by the Alabama Electric Cooperative, in Destin, Florida.  Then, I went to one of my most favorite places - Dauphin Island Sea Lab - I went out on the research vessel and was a part of tagging and releasing sharks to check their health and migration habits.  IT WAS SO AWESOME!!!!!!  I have spent at least the past 20 years going to tremendous amounts of places in the summer.  Two years ago, I went on a cruise to Alaska so I need to save some money and go somewhere else next year.  The cruise was with Steve Spangler, a very popular science show entertainer, which your students should come home showing you several things that he has taught me along the way.  Alaska was so beautiful and the many places from Juneau to Skagway were breathtaking!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE going to Dauphin Island Sea Lab, the Space Center in Huntsville, and Lanark (which is right next door in Millbrook).   I have to add Alaska and Canada to this list- words do not do them justice though. We have so many beautiful areas in this state and the nation, I wish that everyone would be able to see them as well.

I hope this year the students will find out how exciting science can be as well as really AWESOME!!!!